Robert From Genii CompanyMy name is Rob and welcome to my site, GeniiCompnay.com!

I’m an engineer by degree and by trade but I’m a tinkerer by birth and my mom always told me: “Rob, you have the most iinquisitivemind I’ve ever seen” (she also tells me I’m really handsome all the time too… hello, ladies?!?).

I have been working in medical device design for the better part of a decade and I love modeling in 3D using Pro|Engineer and Solid Works.

I love it so much that I actually spend some (okay, most) of my Friday nights modeling the ideas for parts, products and design improvements.  Yes, I do consider this to be more fun then winding up with unknown bruises and headaches from a two day bender… which is how I spent most of my weekends during my college days.

Genii Company is a play on words and a bit of an inside joke among myself and few of my closest friends.  The play on words comes from the word genie (think Aladdin) and a very clever and creative acronym that my best buddy came up with.  It will remain undefined, for now, but over time I will likely hint at it’s meaning more and more and one day I might let you in on the inside joke and clever play on words beyond a big blue wish granting genie.

What GeniiCompany.com Is All About

You’re probably wondering that this site is all about… to be honest, at this point, so am I.

I have big plans to share many of the reviews and hacks I’ve figured out and have found online since that inquisitive mind of mine is also a social one.  I will be providing an unbiased opinion on many different things and it will likely not win me many friends when I decided to point out many of the deign flaws that are being engineering into products these days with the need for more and more planned obsolescence in order to continue to drive the engine of economic growth.

My reviews will be both hardware and software including products and services and the viewpoints will be my own.

I hope to see you around!

Nutting but love,