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9172138221_7c460f6fdc_zThe new year has brought new robotic and remote control toys for the kids that will make great birthday or Christmas gifts for this year. A number of toys have been released online and for store purchases for this year. These toys will surely give a child the joy they deserve for the holidays for the end of 2014. Prices will vary from bargain prices to affordable prices for any parent or person to make these toy purchases. Some of these toys have been created based on movies that were released this year to simple concepts that have been around for years. All of these toys below are available for purchase today with no delay for planning the perfect gift.

Tin Can Robot

This toy is created through green science allowing a person to simply add an empty can to the parts to create a robot. The toy can be used to stand and move the can around with its accessories or can be turned into a car that will be controlled as a remote control car. The toy can be used as a kids project or can be used as a science project for school showing how a simple recyclable can is used as a toy. The kit will come with parts and instructions but will require two triple A batteries that are not included.

Doodling Robot

This robot comes with parts that will allow you to attach markers, pens or pencils to the device to draw. The device will come with parts and the purchaser will only need to supply the batteries and writing utensils in order to draw a picture. The robot will move without the use of anyone hands to draw a picture through its vibrations and movements.

Robokid Programmable Disc Shooting Electric RC Robot

The Robokid will come with a remote control to give the user the ability to move the robot to walk in all motions. Along with its mobility it has a button that will allow the robot to shoot discs with the remote control. Music can also be controlled and programmed by the remote control to play through the robot. Three modes will be included with the robot from dance mode, fight mode or
program mode that will allow for the user to program a specialized mode for the robot.

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

This is a remote controlled tank that can be driven with an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android device through a special application. The Rover can be driven with the app and includes a camera for recording a live stream from the tank. The video can also be recorded in the dark through its night vision capability which can be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The connection can be sustained up to 200 ft without anything blocking the signal and up to 100 ft when there is an object in between the signal.

WowWee Robosapien X Humanoid

The WowWee Robosapien X has the ability to be controlled with a remote that will allow the user to have full access to the robot. The arms will come with grippers that allows the user to pick up or grip different items. Mobility is not limited to just walking as the robot will be able to walk, run and turn at a fast pace. The robot can also be programmed through an iOS or an Android device to add special features to the robot.

Transformers Prime Remote Controlled Optimus Prime Vehicle

This robot has been inspired by the Transformers movie and can offer the same features as kids have seen in the movies. The robot will offer two modes from vehicle mode to robot mode. One button will allow the user to transform the robot from its vehicle mode to robot fighting mode with its remote control. When purchased with another robot it can have battles between up to three robots together to add extra enjoyment.

OWI Robotic Arm Edge

The robotic arm can be controlled with the use of a remote control to perform different functions. The arm has a grip on it which will allow the user to pick up different objects with the robotic arm. It has a wrist motion of 120 degrees and the elbow range of 300 degrees. The arm can also rotate allowing for a different range of motions when using the robotic arm. No soldering will be necessary for this toy as it will come built and ready for a user to pick up and start playing. Picture