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Moving A Couch

Yes, it’s true.  I did skip work today and, boy, did it feel good.

Now hear me out before you start the typical internet troll behavior of calling me a drag on society and a deadbeat American worker who’s frustrating their employer which will lead them to ship jobs overseas.

I had a very good reason for skipping work today.  I have a friend who just moved to town and I wanted to help him and his wife get moved into their new (rental) home and show them a few of my favorite spots to fill my belly and wet my whistle.

I did have one “very important” meeting today where I needed to represent the engineering department on a change we are making to one of our products.

So, you might ask… how did I spent 6.32 hours of my day breaking my back moving oversized furniture through undersized doors and stairways, then enjoy a super duper delicious gut bomb from a greasy spoon all day breakfast diner only to follow it up with 3 pints of stout at the dive bar down the street without causing my boss to have a ulcer?

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