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Blackout-Free-SprotsAlright, I’m back stateside after an amazing trip to Canada. I definetly want to go back and am trying to find a way to move there… even if it’s just for a sort term work assignment.

I might still be all hopped up on maple syrup and poutine (look it up) but I’ve got to say that Vancouver is one heck of a city and I’m sad that I didn’t go to the Olympics when they were there in 2010.

Now, beyond the things I learned and shared in the last post I also learned a few more things that will change the way I (and possibly you) will watch sports forever.

You see, not too long ago I cut the cable in my house as I wasn’t watching it nearly as much as I should and I was watching is way more than I should.

After an all day Teen Mom marathon (don’t judge, I bet you have watched it too) I finally decided that I had to pull the plug and stop getting cable TV.  This would force me to only watch the shows I followed and wanted to watch by streaming them online.

I’m a big NHL hockey and NFL football fan so I knew that I needed to learn a way to stream those two sports online.

I found out that NFL GamePass let you watch NFL games online but I also learned that it wasn’t available in the USA.  I didn’t think much more of it until I had to learn the trick to get hulu while I was up in Canada.  Once I knew that I could virtually reside in the USA from Canada I knew that I was going to be able to virtually reside in Canada from the USA.  This trick will allow me to get an NFL GamePass account up in Canada and then stream every NFL football game online from here at home in the US of A.

The next thing I learned was that there is also a NHL GameCenter blackout workaround which will let you watch NHL hockey blackout free no matter which city you live in.  Three cheers for not having to put up with “in-market” blackouts anymore!  I bet some of these crazy Calgary Flames fan pictured here are happy:


So, to sum things up… Canada was awesome.  Not only did I fall in love with the country, their people, their yummy brews I also learned about how to unblock website from around the world and virtually reside in different places.

So, until I negotiate that work assignment in Canada, you will likely find me virtually residing there so I can catch all the NFL and NHL action from home rather than having to go to a sports bar.

I shoot, I score!