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Vancouver is greatAs I mentioned in my last post I got a free trip am on a work assignment to Canada.  This is my first time visiting Vancouver and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you don’t know anything about Vancouver, well you should go back to your geography teacher from high school and give them a stern talking to for not telling you about this amazing place.

One one side there is the ocean and the other side there are the mountains.  In between there are a massively huge amount of people crammed into very expensive real estate.

From my short time here I’ve learned a few things:

  1. The high priced real estate is well worth it for the amazing scenery and outdoor living potential
  2. The Grouse Grind is a great way to make your calves and hamstrings hurt (don’t worry about my buns, they don’t hurt because they are made of steel)
  3. You can’t get Hulu Canada (this is the one thing… but more on this in a bit)
  4. Restrooms are called washrooms up here.  If you think about it this makes WAY more sense.  Buuuttttt I do sometimes, especially in the middle of the afternoon at work go to the restroom to rest and nothing else.  So, that makes sense too
  5. The beer is strong up here and it will make your head hurt in the morning when you’re used to drinking water bud light like I have been doing since my good old college days started more than a decade ago
  6. I want to move here

Let’s examine a few of these in more detail:

Real estate.  Some people think Vancouver has a huge housing bubble and some of them are so scare that it’s a bubble they have removed all sharp objects from their homes so they aren’t accused of being the ones to pop it.  I can definitely see the appeal of wanting to live in Vancouver (see #6 above) which, just like the coastal cities in the USA, means that you’re going to have a lot of demand for real estate.

This demand and the fact that there is only so much land before you hit the ocean or the mountain is partly to blame for the high prices.

This next part has not been confirmed but one guy I was talking to was saying that there is so much money being invested by people living in Asia that there is something like 20% of all condos in Vancouver are vacant and just being held by investors hoping the prices keep going up.  This is crazy to me… why not put a tenant in there (since rents are sky high too) and at lease make some money while you wait for your investment to go up.  Oh well, to each their own.

The grind (as the locals in Canada call it) is a great little hike that is one heck of a workout.  I will be getting a massage when I get a chance as my calves have never hurt this bad… and I thought I was in shape.  NOT!

I went to watch some hulu when I got home from having two or three too many strong Canadian brews only to find out that it’s blocked up here.  What the deuce?!?  Canada has centralized healthcare but they don’t have hulu.  That doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Luckily I am a very proficient google use and I did a quick search of “hulu Canada” and found this guide on how to get hulu in Canada: and I was watching my favorite shows in no time.  If only getting Canada’s health care system in the States was that easy.

If you ask a cute waitress in the pub where the restroom is, she will look at you as if you are a little slow and you probably killed your chances of partying with her and her friends.  True story.

Bud light is good, any Canadian beer is better.  I was trying to ride the rail last night at this place on Granville Street (I think that is what it was called) and I didn’t make it very far considering that there is nearly twice as much sauce in the brews up here than in a Bud light.  No wonder Canadians are skinnier, same amount of sauce in less cans means less calories ingested.  These people are smarter than we give them credit for.

I want to move here, plain and simple.   I’ve only been here a short time but it’s to die for up here and way way way way nicer then where I live now.

Well, those strong brews are calling my name so I better get going.  I will be sure to ask for the washroom tonight.

Until next time!

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I'm Going To Vancouver, Canada

I had a very interesting day at work today and no it wasn’t because I skipped work yesterday to help a friend move.

My boss came in this morning and, I’ll admit, that I was a little worried because I did yesterday off and I though my boss might be coming in to tell me that a few people were pissed off and that it wouldn’t be happening again.

But no sir!  I got good great awesome freaking news today that I get to go to Canada for work (a.k.a. A FREE TRIP!!!)

Apparently there is some big shot investor or client or maybe it’s just a quasi-famous Canadian that that wants to know more about our little widgets and since I’m the best engineer in the world, I’m the guy who gets to go.

Now, I don’t really remember who I’m going to see and why I’m going to see them because once I heard “you’re going to Canada” my mind started to wonder wondering what it is going to be like up there.

I’ve never been to Canada but I have traveled extensively and have met lots of Canadians… but for some reason they were always telling me they “were sorry” about something.  Not sure what that was all aBOOT (ZING! haha!).

Since we all know that, in 2013,  the best source of reliable and 100% factual data comes from YouTube I heading over there to find out more about Canada and specifically Vancouver where I will be headed.

The first think I learned was 11 things I should avoid saying so I don’t piss off any Canadians with the beedy little eyes and flappy heads.

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