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FallI always find myself so conflicted when summer turns to fall.

I’m happy because so many great things come with autumn.

The first being the simple fact that turkey day is rapidly approaching and this year I have not one, not two but THREE Thanksgivings to go to. I’m going to need a pair of maternity jeans by the end of that weekend.

The second being hockey season. I’m a huge hockey fan and can’t wait for the regular season to start.

On the flip side, I’m sad about the weather getting colder. I’m a huge lover of the outdoors and spend the majority of my summer either outside of tinkering with my 3D printer.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that I made my dream of owning a 3D printer come true this summer?!? Booyah baby!

What? Did you think I would have ignore my blog all summer because I didn’t feel like writing?!? Of course not, I’ve been building stuff in the third dimension all summer and it’s been awesome.

Another big change for me this summer, not sure if you’ve noticed it by now, is that I’m only using one space after my periods. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and count them… then go back and read my old post with the dreaded TWO spaces after the period. I’ll wait.

Oh good, you’re back. See, I wasn’t lying to you!

I have to say, at first my thumbs were saying “ummmm no way and I only clicking that space bar once when you’re done writing your brilliant sentence. No spacing way!

Strange side note, I only hit the space bar with my right thumb. My left thumb just hangs out and does nothing apparently. Not sure if I’ll even be able to change that buy I’ve got the one space after a period thing worked out to a tee.

So, just so you know, now that it’s fall and the weather is cooling off and the hockey season is about to start I’m probably going to be sitting behind the keyboard a little more writing you brilliant single-spaced-after-period posts about this crazy thing we call life.

Now back to 3D printing an entire set of miniature figurines of my boss to play pranks on people at work.

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9172138221_7c460f6fdc_zThe new year has brought new robotic and remote control toys for the kids that will make great birthday or Christmas gifts for this year. A number of toys have been released online and for store purchases for this year. These toys will surely give a child the joy they deserve for the holidays for the end of 2014. Prices will vary from bargain prices to affordable prices for any parent or person to make these toy purchases. Some of these toys have been created based on movies that were released this year to simple concepts that have been around for years. All of these toys below are available for purchase today with no delay for planning the perfect gift.

Tin Can Robot

This toy is created through green science allowing a person to simply add an empty can to the parts to create a robot. The toy can be used to stand and move the can around with its accessories or can be turned into a car that will be controlled as a remote control car. The toy can be used as a kids project or can be used as a science project for school showing how a simple recyclable can is used as a toy. The kit will come with parts and instructions but will require two triple A batteries that are not included.

Doodling Robot

This robot comes with parts that will allow you to attach markers, pens or pencils to the device to draw. The device will come with parts and the purchaser will only need to supply the batteries and writing utensils in order to draw a picture. The robot will move without the use of anyone hands to draw a picture through its vibrations and movements.

Robokid Programmable Disc Shooting Electric RC Robot

The Robokid will come with a remote control to give the user the ability to move the robot to walk in all motions. Along with its mobility it has a button that will allow the robot to shoot discs with the remote control. Music can also be controlled and programmed by the remote control to play through the robot. Three modes will be included with the robot from dance mode, fight mode or
program mode that will allow for the user to program a specialized mode for the robot.

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

This is a remote controlled tank that can be driven with an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android device through a special application. The Rover can be driven with the app and includes a camera for recording a live stream from the tank. The video can also be recorded in the dark through its night vision capability which can be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The connection can be sustained up to 200 ft without anything blocking the signal and up to 100 ft when there is an object in between the signal.

WowWee Robosapien X Humanoid

The WowWee Robosapien X has the ability to be controlled with a remote that will allow the user to have full access to the robot. The arms will come with grippers that allows the user to pick up or grip different items. Mobility is not limited to just walking as the robot will be able to walk, run and turn at a fast pace. The robot can also be programmed through an iOS or an Android device to add special features to the robot.

Transformers Prime Remote Controlled Optimus Prime Vehicle

This robot has been inspired by the Transformers movie and can offer the same features as kids have seen in the movies. The robot will offer two modes from vehicle mode to robot mode. One button will allow the user to transform the robot from its vehicle mode to robot fighting mode with its remote control. When purchased with another robot it can have battles between up to three robots together to add extra enjoyment.

OWI Robotic Arm Edge

The robotic arm can be controlled with the use of a remote control to perform different functions. The arm has a grip on it which will allow the user to pick up different objects with the robotic arm. It has a wrist motion of 120 degrees and the elbow range of 300 degrees. The arm can also rotate allowing for a different range of motions when using the robotic arm. No soldering will be necessary for this toy as it will come built and ready for a user to pick up and start playing. Picture

8592837554_e02715f7b1_zAdditive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing is a new way of making products and product parts from a digital paradigm.

A 3D printer creates modules by placing layers of material one on top of another, with an electronic schematic, until the desired module has been created.

Commercial 3D Printers

3D printers use various kinds of additive technologies, but there is one strong commonality; they all create a three dimensional object by building it layer by layer, until the entire object is complete. It’s similar to building a Paper Mache object for a grade school project.

Manufacturers have traditionally used the printers in the creative process to construct production models, but until recently, the apparatus has been cumbersome and too costly
Many of today’s 3D printers are used by product designers, architects, and surgeons to make prototypes to use in student presentations.

Today’s 3D printers use a variety of substances that can be pushed into 3D layouts. The only requirement is that the design must allow the layers to be applied in increments.
The speedy, state-of-the-art printers of today are very expensive. Many cost upwards of ten thousand dollars, but the companies that purchase them save many times that amount in the prototyping process.

The Digital File

A 3D printer needs to have instructions so it will know what to print. To solve this problem, a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file is created with the use of a 3D modeling program. The program creates a file that is dispatched to the 3D printer. The printer’s software minces the design into numerous horizontal layers. These layers will be printed one on top of the other, until the 3D component is complete.

Personal 3D Printers

Besides commercial 3D machines, personal 3D printers are now available and with a price tag ranging from $200-$2050, they are much less expensive than the commercial variety.
There are a myriad of uses for 3D printers, and more are being discovered every day. Almost anything you can think of or dream of can be printed.
Some unique examples are:

• Jewelry
• Art work
• Holiday ornaments
• Sewing patterns
• Parts for appliances
• Toys
• Home decorations
These creations are made from many different types of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, gold, and silver.

Advantages of 3D Printing
• 3D printing is used by crime scene investigators to help solve crimes.
• 3D printing allows architects to create prototypes of their designs.
• Surgeons can use 3d printers to print out pictures of body parts for reference prior to surgery.
• 3D printing enables artists to create objects that would be very complicated to construct with traditional processes.
• If errors occur, changes can be made immediately and the prototype can be reprinted instantly.
• 3D printing saves time and money; it decreases energy usage and minimizes waste.

Additive manufacturing is the process of configuring a three-dimensional item from a 3D schematic. This is accomplished by the use of additive procedures in which consecutive layers of material are built under the computer’s power. This unique technology has paved the way for many new possibilities in a variety of provinces.

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Expect great things to come!