Moving A Couch

Yes, it’s true.  I did skip work today and, boy, did it feel good.

Now hear me out before you start the typical internet troll behavior of calling me a drag on society and a deadbeat American worker who’s frustrating their employer which will lead them to ship jobs overseas.

I had a very good reason for skipping work today.  I have a friend who just moved to town and I wanted to help him and his wife get moved into their new (rental) home and show them a few of my favorite spots to fill my belly and wet my whistle.

I did have one “very important” meeting today where I needed to represent the engineering department on a change we are making to one of our products.

So, you might ask… how did I spent 6.32 hours of my day breaking my back moving oversized furniture through undersized doors and stairways, then enjoy a super duper delicious gut bomb from a greasy spoon all day breakfast diner only to follow it up with 3 pints of stout at the dive bar down the street without causing my boss to have a ulcer?

EasySign Da App

Two words which they’ve strategically mashed together for some reason that only a overpriced marketing exec somewhere can probably tell you: SignEasy.

This app is da bomb (woah, I just said “da bomb”… now I kind of hope that no one ever finds this blog and outs me, not for skipping work, but for saying “da bomb”.

It replaced a printer with the screen of your phone and it replaced the pen with your finger.

It allows you to open up documents on your iPhone (android too!) and add text where needed and then it lets you sign the documents and send them back from anywhere you have a 3G or WiFi connection.

So, around 10:17 earlier today the magical sounds of “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie” starting filling our ears which meant that I was getting an email.  Yes, my poor friends get to hear I like big butts and I cannot lie way too many times when they are around me.  I’m surprised I still have any friends left.

I opened up that email, reviewed the document with a fine toothed comb (twice if you’re reading this boss) and then signed my name on the approval line and emailed it back to the office.

What’s confirmed is that this piece of software, can we call apps software?, is pretty incredible.  What is NOT confirmed is if the office missed my whitty banter and pun filled speech patterns (I can’t figure out why I don’t use more puns in the writing though…) while I was off slaving away for what tunred out to be about $1.42 since my meal and beers was about $20.

Hey, you can never accuse me of not being a good friend (and a tech / software genius?) now can you?!?

Peace to the Middle East.

Photo Credit: mikecogh

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