I'm Going To Vancouver, Canada

I had a very interesting day at work today and no it wasn’t because I skipped work yesterday to help a friend move.

My boss came in this morning and, I’ll admit, that I was a little worried because I did yesterday off and I though my boss might be coming in to tell me that a few people were pissed off and that it wouldn’t be happening again.

But no sir!  I got good great awesome freaking news today that I get to go to Canada for work (a.k.a. A FREE TRIP!!!)

Apparently there is some big shot investor or client or maybe it’s just a quasi-famous Canadian that that wants to know more about our little widgets and since I’m the best engineer in the world, I’m the guy who gets to go.

Now, I don’t really remember who I’m going to see and why I’m going to see them because once I heard “you’re going to Canada” my mind started to wonder wondering what it is going to be like up there.

I’ve never been to Canada but I have traveled extensively and have met lots of Canadians… but for some reason they were always telling me they “were sorry” about something.  Not sure what that was all aBOOT (ZING! haha!).

Since we all know that, in 2013,  the best source of reliable and 100% factual data comes from YouTube I heading over there to find out more about Canada and specifically Vancouver where I will be headed.

The first think I learned was 11 things I should avoid saying so I don’t piss off any Canadians with the beedy little eyes and flappy heads.

The next thing I found out what that people still Rollerblade and are pretty damn good at it.  It makes me almost want to dust off my Rollerblades, knee pads and wrist guards from the early 1990s.

So, I leave tomorrow which means I shouldn’t be surfing YouTube or posting this blog post about my trip to Canada.  I should be doing all of the following but probably not in this order:

  1. Getting a hair cut
  2. Assembling a masterful playlist on my iPod
  3. Learning the rules of hockey
  4. Leaning who I’m meeting in Canada and why
  5. Cutting my nails
  6. Packing a bag and making sure I don’t forget a suit for the meeting
  7. Buying a suit

Alright… the next time you hear from me I will be in another country and will have a new stamp in my passport!


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